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Tours & Interviews

Tours & Interviews

Grubbs Quad

Please note that interviews are only available to those who submitted an application by January 15, 2024.



Interviews are not required for admission to Loomis Chaffee, but we do strongly encourage letting us know a bit about yourself through one of the following options available at this time:

Video Essay

This is a short response to a question created by Loomis that applicants can access via their Loomis Chaffee application portal. The video essay is only available to applicants, and only for those who have not already completed or scheduled an interview. See your portal for more information!

InitialView or Vericant

Loomis Chaffee accepts both InitialView and Vericant online interviews. These are excellent options for applicants unable to schedule an interview directly with Loomis Chaffee who want to share more information about themselves with the Admission Committee. See the InitialView and Vericant websites for more information.

Group Tours

Group tours are offered through Friday, January 26, 2024 and are then on hiatus until the spring. All group tours are available through the online scheduler sent to each inquiry, or by calling 860.687.6400.

Explore our campus.

Can’t wait for your guided tour? The following videos will help introduce you to Loomis Chaffee’s beautiful campus, affectionately referred to as the Island.

Campus Tour

Aerial Tour