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Meet the Tour Guides

Learn about our tour guides, their interests, and why they love Loomis Chaffee.

This year, more than 200 students have volunteered to be tour guides for Loomis Chaffee — almost half of all students in grades 10–12 — including 14 head tour guides, traditionally one of the most highly-respected leadership positions on campus. This number is a huge testament to the love our Pelicans have for their school and to their enthusiasm for sharing it with prospective families. While your visit will not include all 200+ tour guides, the following searchable database is available to you to learn more about our tour guides, their interests, and why they love Pelican Nation. Enjoy!

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Emily Khym
  • Boarder

“Loomis is a school where students are able to explore their passions. It's okay to not have a popular interest or favorite subject because Loomis will always allow you to unleash your full potential and feel supported."

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Calvin Pan
  • Boarder

"You can always say hi to people on your way to class or join in an impromptu game of Spikeball on the Quad, no matter if you know them or not!"

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Prynn Harinsuit
  • Boarder
  • Head Tour Guide

Loomis has a really tight and welcoming community. There are many opportunities to get involved with the community."

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Charlie Griffin
  • Day Student

"I want prospective families to know that though the idea of attending a well-known prep-school like Loomis may seem intimidating we actually function as a warm community focused on inclusion, kindness, perseverance, and being servants to the common good."

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Campbell Brode
  • Day Student

Loomis has so much to offer and so many different paths to take. There is much opportunity to try out new things and really find yourself as a person.

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Chinelo Osakwe
  • Day Student
  • Head Tour Guide

It is easy to meet so many different people and achieve things that before coming to Loomis, you might not have thought you were capable of."

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Dora Lin
  • Boarder

“I really like Loomis' theme of "the best self and the common good", and I enjoyed learning about how Loomis truly tries to spread this idea campus-wide through various student-lead projects.”

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Danielle Justo
  • Boarder

“The welcoming community at Loomis helped me overcome my homesickness along with the fun parts of boarding such as dorm activities and weekend activities on campus.”

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Kinsey Kranjcec
  • Boarder

“In terms of academics or extracurriculars, there is a community at LC that will support and encourage them in ways that will allow them to grow and learn.

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Ellie Abrams
  • Day Student

“As a day student I was a bit nervous about being in a school with a high percentage of boarders and not feeling as included. Quickly I realized there was little distinction between day students and boarders.”

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