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Meet the Tour Guides

Learn about our tour guides, their interests, and why they love Loomis Chaffee.

This year, more than 200 students have volunteered to be tour guides for Loomis Chaffee — almost half of all students in grades 10–12 — including 14 head tour guides, traditionally one of the most highly-respected leadership positions on campus. This number is a huge testament to the love our Pelicans have for their school and to their enthusiasm for sharing it with prospective families. While your visit will not include all 200+ tour guides, the following searchable database is available to you to learn more about our tour guides, their interests, and why they love Pelican Nation. Enjoy!

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Evan Gackstetter
  • Boarder

"I think it's important all prospective students and families know that there is truly a place for everyone at LC, no matter your background, interests, or beliefs."

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Annie Shactman
  • Day Student

"My favorite thing to do at Loomis is sit in the quad with my friends during the springtime. When the weather gets nice, the quad blossoms with student life, and it's so fun to soak up the sun during the last few weeks on campus with everyone."

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Kaleb Griffin
  • Boarder
  • Head Tour Guide

"I chose Loomis because of the high level of focus in academics and athletics. I was also intrigued by the diversity across the campus."

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Sylvia Barresi
  • Day Student
  • Head Tour Guide

"I tell the families about sports games where the student body will all dress up in a theme and pack the stands, or Pelican games when we all gather on the turf and have a night full of laughter and fun, or the food trucks and fire pits on Saturday nights."

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