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Admission Application Fee
Domestic Students$75
International Students$160
(All fees must be drawn from a U.S. bank)

Boarding Tuition 2018-19
Technology Fee (billed in August)$905
Health Center Fee (billed in August)$580
International Student Fee (billed in August)$995
Optional Fees:

Tuition Refund Insurance — 1.7% of net tuition
(Strongly recommended for new students)


Day Tuition 2018-19
Technology Fee (billed in August)$905
Health Center Fee (billed in August)$270
International Student Fee (billed in August)N/A
Optional Fees:
Tuition Refund Insurance — 1.7% of net tuition
(Strongly recommended for new students)


Tuition Payment Schedule 2018-19
4/10/18*Registration deposit (non-refundable)$ 6,054$ 4,628
7/01/18First Half$30,270$23,140
12/01/18Second Half (less first half registration deposit)$27,243$20,826
3/31/19Second half registration deposit applied/returned-$3,027-$2,314

* The registration deposit (non-refundable) for new students is due April 10, 2018. For returning students, the deposit is due April 17, 2018.

Technology Fee

The Technology Fee is a usage fee that covers the cost of data and voice access, ongoing improvements to the school information system, and the cost of all networks used by students. These include but are not limited to faster bandwidth; the Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system; wireless connectivity around campus; computing facilities in the library and other locations; faster and improved Internet and email access; web portals for students and parents that provide access to grades and comments, school calendars, directories, and news; an emergency notification system; and software including Microsoft 365 Office account. In addition, we handle all Apple Mac and many PC warranty repairs.

Health Center Fee

The Health Center Fee covers services provided by the health center to students, such as those services rendered by the nurses on duty, a nurse practitioner, a medication nurse as needed, and other staff during day and night. The fee also covers basic health assessments and remedies administered by the center including first aid and emergency care. NOTE: This fee does not cover insurance. All boarding students must provide proof of health insurance coverage or elect to enroll in the Student Accident and Sickness Insurance Program. More information about this program is available through the Business Office.

International Fee

The International Fee helps cover the range of services unique to students who live abroad. These costs include (but are not limited to) the advising, administrative, and programming work of the Office of International Students as well as the safekeeping of documents such as passports and I-20’s, and additional postage and phone charges associated with international student communications.

Additional Expenses

Books, field trips, and various athletic supplies are additional. Annual cost of books, art supplies, and other academic materials usually range from $1,000 to $1,400 depending on the courses taken by the student. Other optional costs include laundry service, music lessons, and academic tutoring.

Payment Options

Information for 2018-19 will be available by March 10, 2018.