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This year, over 200 students have volunteered to be Tour Guides for Loomis Chaffee – almost half of all students in grades 10-12 – including eight Head Tour Guides, traditionally one of the most highly respected leadership positions on campus. This number is a huge testament to the love our Pelicans have for their school and to their enthusiasm for sharing it with prospective families. While your visit will not include all 200+ tour guides, the following searchable database is available to you to learn more about our tour guides, their interests, and why they love Pelican Nation. Enjoy!

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Ailin Chinn
  • Boarder

“I chose Loomis Chaffee because it is a very progressive school that welcomes people from all over the world with different backgrounds, values, and cultures."

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Emily Khym
  • Boarder

“Loomis is a school where students are able to explore their passions. It's okay to not have a popular interest or favorite subject because Loomis will always allow you to unleash your full potential and feel supported."

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Calvin Pan
  • Boarder

I knew I'd be able to flourish and take full advantage of the world-class resources that Loomis offers, regardless of where my interests lead me during my four years on the Island.”

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Charlie Griffin
  • Day Student

"I want prospective families to know that though the idea of attending a well-known prep-school like Loomis may seem intimidating we actually function as a warm community focused on inclusion, kindness, perseverance, and being servants to the common good."

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Chinelo Osakwe
  • Day Student

I could tell prospective students and their families about student-teacher relationships, as well as student-to-student relationships, in order to emphasize the feeling of a communal family that Loomis achieves very well.”

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