Chinelo O.

  • Day Student
  • Head Tour Guide

Class of 2023
West Suffield, Connecticut, USA

Why did you choose Loomis?
I chose Loomis because of its environment for students to thrive independently and dependently. Loomis has a community of people who are always willing to support me while at the same time, I am free to make mistakes and try various things.

What is your favorite subject?
English and math

Activities on campus:
Field Hockey, Girls' Tennis, The Loom, Peer Mentor, Writing Studio, Head Tour Guide, MedEd, Girls Lead, Pelican Press

A fun fact about me:
My dog is named after Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl.

What do you want to make sure prospective students and families know about Loomis?
I would like prospective students and families to know that the Loomis community offers activities, academics, and sports for a variety of interests, hence its diverse student body. Through these activities, it is easy to meet so many different people and achieve things that before coming to Loomis, you might not have thought you were capable of.

What is your favorite question you get asked on Tour?
What is your favorite food at Loomis?
The S'mores Bar

  • Class of 2023