Dora L.

  • Boarder

Class of 2023
Fuzhou, Fujian, China


Why did you choose Loomis?
Loomis was my top school by far for various reasons. When I first came to Loomis for my interview, I was amazed by the beautiful campus and my very own welcoming tour guide. In addition, I really liked Loomis' theme of "the best self and the common good", and I enjoyed learning about how Loomis truly tries to spread this idea campus-wide through various student-lead projects collaborating with its Norton Family Center for the Common Good. There are many amazing opportunities at Loomis for students of all grade levels.

Favorite subjects:
I really enjoy English and History. I'm very passionate about reading and writing. I love how there are no right or wrong in the conversations in the classroom and how everyone's opinions matter despite their differences. My other favorite subject is history because I enjoy learning about how people lived in the past, their decisions and consequences, and connecting these past events to current affairs.

Activities on campus:
I'm an active member of The Loom, a student-run literary magazine featuring original student writing and artwork. I'm a percussionist in Jazz Band and an active member of the debate program. I'm a part of a volunteering program in which the members teach English to kids in Taiwan remotely as well. I'm also involved in many clubs, such as the Art club, PRISM(People Rising in Support of Multiculturalism), SPECTRUM(an LGBTQ+ and ally advocacy club), and the Pan-Asian Student Alliance(PASA).

A fun fact about me:
I have three dogs, four cats, a bunny, and a horse.

What do you want to make sure prospective students and families know about Loomis?
Since many students tour the school with the goal of finding the school that fits them most, I would share how scared I was about starting high school as well as how welcoming and accepting people at Loomis are. I would talk about how I made friends almost immediately and how the fear mostly faded away within the first three days. I want to make sure they know about Loomis' countless opportunities in a wide variety of fields and how everyone can fit in and find their place to make Loomis the school that fits them most.

  • Class of 2023