Grubbs Quad, Loomis Chaffee

Why Loomis?

As a Loomis Chaffee parent (’18, ’20, ’22), spouse (’87), and faculty member, there is nothing I enjoy more than answering this question. Why Loomis? Because it is not only a great school — it is a welcoming community where bright and talented students, like you, care about each other and the world. At Loomis impactful adults fully invest in your development in ways both seen and unseen. Ours is a community where individuality thrives and where we encourage you to cultivate your own passions and talents and turn those passions into your purpose.

At Loomis you will be inspired to be your best self and serve the common good. It is a place where everyone knows how that mission was created from our founding story, one of tragedy turned into triumph, and where everyone knows the school motto that reflects those origins: Ne Cede Malis — Yield Not to Adversity. Lastly, Loomis Chaffee is a place that recognizes that the best things in life are those that are both challenging and fun.

Why Loomis? The answer, for me, is simple. I just love it. I hope you will too. Welcome to Pelican Nation!

Amy Thompson
Dean of Enrollment


“The biggest lesson I’ve learned at Loomis is to be unapologetically yourself. If you are confident in yourself, people will respect that and embrace everything you have to offer.”

— Maddie, senior

Students enjoying cotton candy during Spring Fest at Loomis Chaffee
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