Loomis Chaffee School's Scanlan Campus Center



Loomis Chaffee students come from all over the world with diverse backgrounds, interests, talents, and dreams. The paths they forge at Loomis are as unique as the students themselves. Their shared experience is a commitment to the best self and the common good. Along the way their teachers, coaches, classmates, and friends celebrate their individuality, challenge their intellect, empower them to make a positive difference in their communities, and encourage them to live their purpose.

As you read the stories below, we hope you will be able to envision your own journey at Loomis Chaffee.

Sheila Culbert - Vision
Anya Sastry - Purpose Lived
Matt Ryckman - Balanced
Julia Hoffman - Welcomed
Halim Ali - Inspired
At Home at Loomis Chaffee
Kristin Santana - Transformed
Alejandro Rincon - Influenced
Haven Low - Multifaceted
John Howley - Creative
Jenna Donohue - Motivated
Loren and Simone - Connected
Cooper Donovan - Invested
Cooper Donovan - Invested
Student Council - Empowered
The Path of the Pelican

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