At Home

“All boys who live in the dorm need to feel that this is their spot and a place to be themselves.”

Liz Leyden, head of Harman Hall

Aidan and Heisen in their %22fishbowl%22 room in Harman Hall.

Roomates Aidan Gillies and Heisen Kong hanging out in their "fishbowl" room in Harman Hall.

Juniors Aidan Gillies and Heisen Kong met as roommates in Harman Hall freshman year. As they acclimated to boarding life, they soon recognized that one of the most coveted dorm rooms on campus was the large second floor room above their dorm entrance, a room defined by the seven windows that make up its walls, hence its name — “the fishbowl.” 

Soon they set a goal to make Harman their home for three years, become prefects in the dorm, and call the fishbowl home in their junior year. Sure enough, the dream came true. But what has been even more fulfilling than living in a great room has been their role as prefects. As Aidan notes, “It’s really cool that I get to give back to all the new students [in the same way] I was helped by all of the prefects in my freshman year.”

Aidan and Heisen are also quick to sing the praises of Harman dorm head Liz Leyden. Like all Loomis Chaffee dorm heads, Mrs. Leyden wears many different hats on campus. Not only does she run an all-boys dorm, but she is also an economics teacher, varsity coach, and a mother to three young children. Her comprehensive understanding of life at a boarding school helps her set a welcoming tone in the dorm. As she explains, “I try to ensure Harman feels like a safe place that is a second home for the boys.”



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Loomis Chaffee students hanging out in the Scanlan Campus Center

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