“Loomis has been so great for me because I don’t have to specialize. I can not only play water polo, but I can swim and I can play lacrosse. And on top of that I can balance my academic life.”

Matt Ryckman

Matt Ryckman

Matt Ryckman playing games during his Sophomore Retreat, and playing water polo. 

Matt Ryckman wanted a school where he would know and be known by his teachers. His local high school had an enrollment of a several thousand students; Loomis was a perfect alternative — a place where he would be able to have relationships with all his teachers and coaches. Did he have any reservations about going to boarding school? “Yeah — friends. I have a very close group of friends at home that I grew up with, and they all were going to the high school, and I had to make a choice to leave. I was nervous, but I was adopted into the Loomis community immediately. … I just started doing stuff so fast that I didn’t even have time to dwell on the fact that I was away from home.”

An accomplished water polo player who has played for an Olympic development team, Matt was excited to compete at a high level at Loomis, but was also very clear that he didn’t want to put all his eggs in a water polo basket. At Loomis, Matt explained, he is a student first, which has allowed him to pursue his love of STEM by taking advanced and college-level math and science courses. One of his favorite classes is physics with Mr. Pond, who also happens to be Matt’s water polo coach. “It’s a hard class,” acknowledges Matt, “But I love how hands-on it is and how I have this dynamic with not only my coach but my teacher in a classroom, and it’s just amazing.” 

So what about friends? Matt was happily surprised by the friendships he has formed at Loomis. “I am friends with all different kinds of people, and best of all most of them live in my dorm," says Matt. "It's a blast." 



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