Change Maker

“We learned that when the impetus of a project comes from students, it carries a lot of weight.”

Alec McCandless
Head of the Social Science Department and
former director of the Alvord Center for Global and Environmental Studies

Jason Lui and the solar array at Loomis Chaffee

Jason Liu ’17 and the Loomis Chaffee solar array he helped bring to life!

Inspired by his studies in environmental science and sustainability, Jason Liu ’17 wondered, “Why couldn’t we power Loomis Chaffee with solar energy?”

To answer that question, Jason pursued an independent study project in his senior year. Working with faculty advisors Alec McCandless and Jeff Dyreson and experienced industry professionals, Jason identified an appropriate site for a solar array on campus, conducted a cost analysis, and researched relevant regulations and construction options. With results of that work in hand, Jason, Alec, and Jeff presented their solar proposal to the school’s Board of Trustees and received unanimous approval to proceed with the project.

“That moment was essentially the culmination of what I could do as a student,” Jason recalls. He says working his idea through to board approval was probably his most rewarding learning experience at Loomis.

Two years after graduating from Loomis, Jason returned to campus to celebrate the completion of the largest solar array at a K-through-12 educational institution in Connecticut, a feat that exceeded Jason’s “biggest hopes and dreams.” 






Solar-Powered Visionary

Read about Jason's independent study project in his senior year, and how his vision for a solar array on campus came to life!



Confident, Civic-Minded Leader

Check out this video about Jason Liu ’17 and his time at Loomis. You'll even hear about his plans to return to the Island one day as a teacher, and we sincerely hope he does!


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