“We just clicked.”

Loren Jones and Simone Moales

Loren Jones and Simone Moales

Loren Jones and Simone Moales hanging out in Cutler Hall and enjoying their Sophomore Retreat at Camp Becket.

Simone: “Loren, do you remember how we met?”

Loren: “Yes, I do. I was a really shy person and you were this big, loud personality. [You] had an open-door policy where everybody was coming in, and it was a great way to meet new people. As soon as I came in, someone was cracking jokes and laughing, being smiley. I was like, ‘Oh I really like this girl.’ … We just clicked automatically.”

Simone: “Yeah, I totally agree. My open-door policy was definitely phenomenal. I met so many new people from that, just keeping my door open every day.”

Simone, who hails from Connecticut, and Loren, who lives in Texas, met in the early days of their first year at Loomis and became fast friends, despite very different personalities and interests. Loren found early success on the volleyball court. Simone found her home as a class officer and leader of PRISM, Loomis’ multicultural student organization. Their experience is not unique. At Loomis students are part of a supportive community where individuality thrives and the friendships run deep. 



Pelican Scoop Podcast

Loren and Simone — who come from opposite ends of the United States and quickly became good friends in Cutler Hall — reflect on how they met, and their hopes for the future.




Loren Jones playing volleyball

Volleyball Champions

Loren is a member of Loomis’ championship-winning volleyball team. Learn more about the team’s 2019 season success.

Simone Moales singing

“Lift Every Voice and Sing”

In December 2019, Simone along with five Loomis students and nine faculty members attended the 2019 People of Color Conference in Seattle, Washington. LC students and faculty are regular participants at this annual conference. In 2019, Simone led a group of young attendees in an empowering rendition of the Black national anthem, “Lift Every Voice and Sing.”

Debate Successes

In just her second debate, Simone earned first place speaker in the novice division. If debate is an interest for you, Loomis’ well-respected Debate Society program will be a great place to grow, develop, and sharpen your debate skills. Read more about the society’s 2019-20 successes.

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