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John Howley

John Howley

John Howley on the NEO stage as Grandma in The Addams Family, and as the title role in Macbeth

John Howley loves the performing arts, so he knew participating in these activities would be a big part of his Loomis experience. He sings in the choir and audition-based Chamber Singers and A Cappelicans, and acts in Loomis’ Norris Ely Orchard Theater (NEO), with roles that have included playing the title role in Macbeth, Lord Farquaad in Shrek the Musical, and Grandma in the musical The Addams Family.

When asked how he has grown as a performer at Loomis, John points to the improvement in his skills and the training he has received from the arts faculty. “It almost feels like you are in drama school,” shares John, reflecting on his work with theater director David McCamish. John is also quick to credit his peers. “I learn a lot by just standing next to that person in choir class or having a scene with that partner. I’m constantly challenged by the people around me to meet their level, and that just keeps me thriving.”  

As John sees it, the Performing Arts Department is a “melting pot” of incredibly talented, multifaceted, and accepting kids. John’s own myriad interests extend beyond the arts to journalism as a writer for the school newspaper, The Log, and as a member of the Shultz Fellowship, a political discussion group named after former U.S. Secretary of State George Shultz ’38. 



Actor, singer, writer, environmental proctor, engaged citizen ― John’s journey at Loomis has allowed him to explore myriad interests.



Always in Character

Watch John make a special appearance as Grandma Addams as he's interviewed by Eric LaForest, director of the Norton Center for the Common Good, for the student variety show, In the Loop.


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