Loomis Chaffee Viewbook

Arabic Program

What language do you plan to study in high school? Have you considered Arabic?Loomis' well-established Four-Year Arabic Language program might be perfect for you. Watch the Arabic Program video to learn more.


Guided Research Projects

Erica Gerace speaks with us about the Science Department's Guided Research Projects, one of Loomis Chaffee's distinctive programs for advanced science students.


Math at Loomis

How many times a day do the two hands of a clock, the hour and the minute hands, form a straight line? Listen to the Pelican Scoop podcast with sophomore Aarman Pannu and math teacher Andrew Bartlett to learn why Aarman wanted to solve this problem and how he did it.


Students, Loren and Simone

What is it like living at Loomis? Is it easy to get inolved and make friends? Listen to Simone Moales and Loren Jones talk about their freshman year at Loomis on the Pelican Scoop podcast.


Students, Take 5

Do you like a cappella music? Five seniors formed an a cappella group – Take Five – last year, specifically to enter competitions, but discovered so much more in the process including a devoted audience at Loomis and a great friendship. Listen to a recording of some of their arrangements.


2019-20 Course Description Book