Spring 2020 Web Extras

From the Head: Great Teachers in a Time of Change

Listen to a Radiolab podcast with mathematician Steve Strogatz ’76 about his friendship with longtime Loomis Chaffee math teacher Don Joffray, who died earlier this year.

Ne Cede Malis Steers School in Pandemic

Connect to Loomis Chaffee’s COVID-19 Response webpage for more details and the latest information. www.loomischaffee.org/coronavirus

The Addams Family

Browse a gallery of photos from the show, and view the playbill.

Island Visitors

Find out more about the Guest Musicians who visited Loomis Chaffee this winter:

C Street Brass

Cuatro Puntos

Atla DeChamplain Quartet

Hartford Independent Chamber Orchestra

Drum Circle

Watch a video about a community drum circle on campus at the beginning of winter-term testing.

MLK week

Connect to view a video of highlights from the community assembly, and a gallery of photos from MLK Week 2020.

Solar Fest

Browse photos from this winter’s Solar Fest.


View the “Space” issue of The Loom from fall 2019.

Genetic Engineering

Find out more about senior Danny Cui’s research for the International Genetically Engineered Machine Competition Giant Jamboree and view his team’s presentation. 

Shifting Concussion Culture

See what Loomis Chaffee athletes had to say about helping to shift concussion culture

Climate Rally

View photographs from students’ participation in the December 2019 climate rally in Hartford. Photos by senior Kelly Eng.

Portrait of Nancy Toney

Find information about Nancy Toney and her connection to the Loomis family, and listen to a podcast on the topic with Karen Parsons, Loomis Chaffee archivist and history teacher. 

Alumni Author Amy Traverso ’89

Read “Yankee Magazine’s Amy Traverso Returns to Loomis Chaffee Roots” from the January 17 Hartford Courant, view a gallery of photos from her visit to campus, and find out more about Amy’s work with Yankee Magazine and Weekends with Yankee, a popular American Public Television show that Amy co-hosts.

Courant story

Gallery of photos

Yankee Magazine and show

Object Lesson: Evelyn Longman’s Work on the Lincoln Memorial

See more photographs of the Lincoln Memorial project from Evelyn Longman’s personal albums, held in the Loomis Chaffee Archives.

Class Notes

Michael Petroni ’08 contributed to the series “Polluter’s Paradise,” published by ProPublica about the growth of the petrochemical industry in Louisiana and the inadequacy of the state’s environmental regulatory response. Read the series.