Winter 2020 Web Extras

Youth Climate Strike
Watch a video on Loomis Chaffee students’ participation in the Youth Climate Strike in Hartford this fall.

Norton Fellow Mentors Young Cellists
Learn more about the Norton Fellowship program and the Norton Family Center for the Common Good.

Island Visitors
Find out more about this fall’s guest musicians and Visiting Artists:

Browse a gallery of photos from the play, read the show’s playbill, and watch a full performance of the play.

Read excerpts from this year’s Emerging Writers’ work
Browse a photo gallery and watch video
 from the Book Chats.
View a gallery of photos from Freshman Service Day 2019.

“I Believe in Freedom”
Browse photos from the October 2019 U.S. Naturalization Ceremony at Loomis Chaffee. 

Courses that Wow
See a list of other courses that alumni found eye-opening.

Object Lesson
See the customs duty receipt signed by Nathaniel Hawthorne, Murphy and Dana drawings for the interior of the Headmaster’s Office in Founders Hall, and a photograph of the Head’s House fireplace surround.

Class notes
John Foster ’51
View the full text of the Member Spotlight on John Foster ’51 in the September issue of the Florida State Poet’s Association newsletter, Of Poets and Poetry.