Winter 2021 Web Extras

From the Head

Read the school’s mid-year progress report on diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. 

Construction Begins on Expanded Home for Theater and Dance

Find out more about plans for the John D. and Alexandra C. Nichols Center for Theater and Dance.

Campus Adjusts to the Pandemic 

Read the most up-to-date information and answers to frequently asked questions about the 2020–21 school year. 

Historian Jelani Cobb Fields Questions About Race, Justice, and Voting

Learn more about Hubbard speaker Jelani Cobb.

Students Interview Host of S.E. Cupp Unfiltered

Find out more about Hubbard speaker S.E. Cupp’s political commentary, background, writing, and broadcast career.

Author Discusses Democracy and Rise of Populism

Connect to Hubbard speaker Yascha Mounk’s professional website and learn more about his political science writings.

All-Gender Housing Option Opens in Flagg Hall

Watch an informational video by senior Olivia Zoga about the new all-gender floor. 

A Problem-Solving Approach to Managing Anxiety

Find helpful resources for coping with anxiety and more information about Lynn Lyons, a psychotherapist who specializes in anxiety disorders and is working with the school this year. 

Virtual Visiting Artist works with Film and Video Students

See some of Visiting Artist Sandra Bouguerch’s work.

Norton Fellow Engages Hometown Peers in Summer Course

Learn about Math 4 Success, an educational services provider in Detroit, Michigan, that partnered with senior Kennedy Anderson for her Norton Fellowship project last summer. 

Find out more about Norton Fellowships and other activities organized by Loomis’ Norton Family Center for the Common Good

That’s Absolutely Brilliant!

Emerging Artists and Writers
View the online Emerging Artists and Emerging Writers exhibits.

Renaissance Ensemble
Watch “The Key to Change,” a performance by the Renaissance Ensemble, and find out more about the group, formed by students from Loomis Chaffee and several other New England independent schools.

Miles for Vitty
Visit the Instagram page and website for Dianne Vitkus ’12, who is chronicling her journey of recovery from a spinal cord injury she sustained in July 2020.

Al Fresco Music and Dance
Watch a video highlighting music and dance performances on Rockefeller Quadrangle this fall. 

Black Lives Matter Self-Portraiture Project
View the online exhibit of the Black Lives Matter Self-Portraiture Project

Reflecting on Turmoil

Read, view, and listen to selected student submissions to the 2020 All-School Read and Write Project.

Pelican’s Day at the Pond

Watch a short “documentary” on the Pelican’s fishing adventure this fall.