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Nanette Vonnegut: Things, Places, Faces

January 10 – February 8, 2019 


“I’m not always sure how my stories will go — sometimes they tell themselves,” remarked Ms. Vonnegut in her statement for the show. Ms. Vonnegut uses a variety of creative media — painting, printmaking, and writing — to spin her imaginative and whimsical tales which she says are intended be humorous and entertaining.

In March of 2017 Ms. Vonnegut spent time working on a series of monotype prints depicting old-fashioned shoes and boots while spending a week as a Visiting Artist Loomis Chaffee. Some of the projects she was working on at the time which will be featured in her Things, Faces, Places exhibit.

Concurrently, an exhibition of student artwork will be presented in the Barnes and Wilde Galleries.

Photo: Nanette Vonnegut, "Boot"