by Harriet Diamond

November 14, 2019 – January 17, 2020 


Exiled features two large-scale sculpture installations: "Driven From Their Homes," a story of war and diaspora from Syria, and "Arrival: The Rohingya," about the Rohingya people's arriving at a refugee camp in Bangladesh.

The exhibit explores "many of the simple aspects of the lives of the people caught up in [an] overwhelming experience," according to Ms. Diamond. "Where do they sleep? What have they brought with them? Such wonderings can be the beginning of empathy — the moment when we stop ignoring or turning away and begin to see and to imagine what life is like for others."

An artist and art educator who resides in Northampton, Massachusetts, Ms. Diamond's work carries a political message and has been exhibited in numerous venues throughout the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts and across the United States. More information is available at the artist's website.

Concurrently, an exhibition of student artwork will be presented in the Barnes and Wilde Galleries.