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Music Program

Within curricular offerings that include music ensembles, electives, and lessons and informal settings such as Open Mic nights and the Acapelicans group, Loomis students learn to express, create, and communicate through music. Whether music is a new interest or a long-time passion for you, we invite you to join the more than 40 percent of the student body involved in our programs.

The Hubbard Music Center, which houses a state-of-the-art music performance hall, is home to the Concert Band, Orchestra, Concert Choir, Chamber Singers, Jazz Band, Jazz Improv Ensemble, and Chamber Music class. Practice rooms and studios are open daily and into the evening for music lessons, small group rehearsals, and student practice. Music electives meet in a dedicated music classroom equipped with keyboards and computers, and the band and jazz programs share a large ensemble room. The active Music Department calendar is populated by well-attended recital samplers, seasonal major ensemble concerts, guest musician visits and performances, the student-run Musical Revue, Connecticut regional and state competitions and festivals, and student-inspired recitals, projects, and productions.

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Orchestra Director Kalena Bovell talks music


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The Loomis music program is vibrant, passionate, and dynamic. As students work to advance playing technique, seek to try out new instruments, pursue a rigorous program of music theory, and gather with friends to perform, they gain musical experiences that generate inspiration for lifelong learning and creating.