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Performance Training


Training room

We’re committed to the cultivation of the mind, body, and spirit of each individual athlete.

Athletes at our school benefit from a cooperative team approach that includes: athletic training; strength and conditioning; rehabilitation and physical therapy; injury prevention; mental and emotional support; nutrition; and general personal health and development.

Sports Medicine

With three full-time athletic trainers, one full-time licensed physical therapist, a school physician, and Health Center personnel, the sports medicine team helps prevent, recognize, treat, and rehabilitate sports-related injuries. Our licensed athletic trainers are present for practices and games in order to keep players healthy and performing their best.

Nutrition & Mental Health

The Athletics Department works with students on their nutrition and mental health. The curriculum covers topics including proper diet, drug and alcohol education, mental health, performance training, and healthy relationship building and is taught in consultation with local doctors, trainers, and specialists. We work with coaches and athletes each week to help students stay positive and enjoy their time on the field.


Strength and Conditioning

Two weight rooms, one for general fitness and the other for varsity team training, allow all our athletes to work on their fitness goals. Our dedicated strength and conditioning coach works with athletes at every level, from varsity to intramural. Whether you strive to be a future professional athlete or just want to stay in good health, our coaches and facilities allow you to pursue your fitness goals.