Former Major Leaguer Speaks with Students


Xavier Scruggs, a former Major League Baseball player and current diversity, equity and inclusion consultant for the Saint Louis Cardinals, spoke with Loomis Chaffee students on Monday, May 10, about his life journey and his current job and answered students’ questions on a wide range of topics.

Scruggs, who grew up in California and played little league baseball with Donnie McKillop, who is now head baseball coach and assistant athletic director at Loomis, talked about growing up as a young black male and having dreams of playing a sport dominated by white and Hispanic athletes. “I wanted to do everything I could to learn from these white folks and Hispanic folks who dominated the game, but my blackness made me nervous to interact with them and learn from them,” he said during the meeting over Zoom.

After being drafted and making the roster with the Saint Louis Cardinals, Scruggs also talked about feeling the need to use his platform as a professional athlete to inspire and do more good work for the baseball community. He discussed the importance of using social media in an appropriate manner and ways to confront difficult conversations in the locker room and classroom as well as online and on social media.

After his remarks, he answered questions from the crowd and spoke more about his current role with the Cardinals, which he started last month. “The position is about acknowledging the past and moving forward with intentionality around many different issues,” he commented.

Scruggs worked with the Loomis baseball team earlier this year on team culture and team-building.

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