Pelicans of the Week


Pelicans of the Week

JV Volleyball

Junior Jill Rinaldi

Jill earns this week’s nomination for many reasons. Jill is a very skilled passer whose countless saves extend volleys well beyond their expected shelf-life. Jill’s coverage of the court wows opposing teams and spectators alike and generates praise from other coaches and the officials. Jill is also a standout attacker and leads the team in kills. But, more significantly, Jill looks for ways to help others develop their game. Everybody wants to be on the court during a scrimmage in practice, but Jill is the one who will say “Coach Beason, I think I should come out so somebody else has the chance to practice.” Jill looks for ways to be helpful and, without fanfare, generously works for the betterment of the team. Jill always works tirelessly to improve skills and is also great role model to the team. Congrats Jill!

JV Field Hockey

Freshman Violet Peverley

Violet’s hard work in the midfield is inspirational to all of us. She is showing lots of promise as a young Pelican, and we can’t wait to watch her grow!

Varsity Field Hockey

Freshman Presley Parades

Presley had an impressive four-point performance against Kingswood Oxford last week in a 5-1 routing of the Wyverns. Presley displayed an impressive level of poise and confidence in her fourth-ever varsity field hockey game and led the way for the Pelicans in their first win of the season. Congrats Presley!

Girls JV Soccer

Freshman Sam Lehman

Sam plays every minute at left back for the team and is a source of both athletic talent and team camaraderie. She is one of the most vocal members of the team and has a great balance of fun and hard work. She scored a goal from 25 yards out against Choate and was a staple of our defensive effort against Taft on Saturday.

Boys Varsity Soccer

Senior Ollie Martin and junior Kieran Chandler

Ollie and Kieran have been playing exceptionally well lately and put on a show in our last two games against Berkshire and Worcester Academy, two of the better programs in New England. Their positive energy in practice is a great source of motivation for the team, and very rarely do you see them without smiles on their faces — even when the team is running sprints! Keep up the great work, lads!

Boys Cross Country

Freshman Lucas Hanley, sophomores Mark Zhang and Jason Chen, juniors Sandro Mocciolo and Tiger Cao, senior Corey Plummer, and senior captain Nick Turcotte

Lucas did not disappoint in the second race of the NMH Open.  He was in contention to take top honors throughout the entirety of the race. Based upon his performance, Lucas will most certainly be in the first race next weekend when we host NMH, Taft, and Hotchkiss in a quad meet. He is a strong and talented athlete who will continue to get better in the years to come.

In his first official race, Mark broke the elusive 30-minute barrier. He is a reserved and stalwart fellow who comes to practice every day with the intention to get better. Faster times are ahead for Mark though he is awarded this honor now because it was a milestone event.

In his first year of cross country, Jason carries himself like a veteran. He completes all of the workouts. More importantly, as one coach put it, “Jason runs through the finish line in his 400s like he’s our No. 5 runner. He doesn’t stop, he doesn’t walk, he doesn’t give in.” This “can do” attitude is going to help Jason throughout the season and beyond.

Over the last two summers, Sandro trained hard for Loomis Chaffee cross country (LCXC). The work has certainly paid dividends as Sandro achieved a personal best time in the Canterbury Invitational. He is clearly a strong member of the varsity program and likely to be one of the fastest on the team next fall, as he is currently in our top seven. He is an invested member of LCXC while also being a wonderful citizen of the world.

For the past two seasons, Tiger has been a standout member of LCXC. While his primary sport is tennis, there is little doubt that he is a valued teammate on the cross country team. At the NMH Open,  Tiger took fourth place in his division. He has been terrific about attending to the workouts, both physically and mentally. For his contributions to the program, Tiger is awarded Pelican-of-the-Week status.

Corey has been with the program for only two years, yet he carries himself like a four-year veteran. His true passion is sprinting. This fall, he could have simply done an independent study to prepare himself for the spring season. But he joined our program for a second season and is a natural leader of the team. His combination of determination and composure and his polite nature make him a coach’s dream. Corey is going to get faster. More importantly, the team will see great success because of his stewardship of the program.

Nick is currently LCXC’s No. 2 runner though he earns this award because of his efforts after each race. Nick is every athlete’s No. 1 fan. You can hear Nick from half a mile away cheering on his teammates to the finish. He is a true Pelican at heart!

Girls Cross Country

Junior Avery Martin

At the Northfield Mount Hermon Invitational on Saturday, October 2, Avery improved her time by a stunning 10 minutes and 22 seconds on NMH’s challenging five-kilometer cross country course since the team last raced on the course two years ago. In 2019, as a novice runner, Avery clocked a time of 38:45 at NMH. On Saturday she ran a time of 28:23. Even without her vast improvement, her time is impressive — averaging 9:08 per mile over hill and dale. Hard work pays off!

Varsity Volleyball

Junior Kaitlin Flynn

Kaitlin has quarterbacked the Pelican offense all season and has done so without much fanfare.  She comes to practice every day dedicated to improving. Her work ethic and overall demeanor have been a true asset.