Psychologist Speaks to Athletes About Mental Performance


Clinical Psychologist Peter Lucchio met via Zoom with varsity athletes and coaches on Monday, January 4, to discuss athletic performance and the mental, physical, and social factors that affect athletes, as well as strategies for coping with the COVID-19 pandemic as a competitive athlete. 

Dr. Lucchio works at the Hartford Hospital Bone and Joint Institute and with athletes and coaches at Trinity College and the University of Hartford. His practice focuses on the behavioral treatment of physical and psychological problems, and he has specific interest in chronic pain conditions, behavioral sleep medicine, obesity and weight loss, and athletic performance.

His wide-ranging discussion with Loomis athletes and coaches covered using breathing patterns and breathing exercises during competition, combatting self-doubt, practicing mindfulness and meditation before going to bed, and other topics.

Dr. Lucchio is the second speaker in a series organized by the Athletics Department designed to enhance student athlete experiences through conversations that integrate topics of nutrition and mental performance training.