Teams Get Creative During Pandemic


The boys varsity ice hockey team gave a presentation to Loomis Chaffee teams and coaches on Wednesday, February 3, about the importance of sleep, not just for athletes, but for all teenagers and young adults.

The presentation, delivered via Zoom, was part of the hockey team’s broader effort to build team culture and stay close, an effort that several teams have undertaken during the first half of the winter season while the school has been fully online.

The boys hockey team split into three groups, and each group read a book and prepared a presentation on the book’s topic. The sleep presentation focused on the book Sleep to Win!: Secrets to Unlocking Your Athletics Excellence in Every Sport by Haley A. Davis and James B. Maas, and two upcoming group presentations will focus on leadership and good habits.

Other teams also have taken creative approaches. The girls varsity ice hockey team composed teammate quizzes and challenges and competed on Zoom, while the girls swimming and diving squad set up weekly Kahoot competitions with winners earning special prizes each week. The girls basketball team stayed in touch and sharpened their skills with Zoom dribbling drills run by head coach Adrian Stewart. They met online as a group and created drills and competitions in whatever space was available to them, playing games like HORSE.

The boys hockey team also tuned into college hockey games on Zoom and cheered on Harrison Roy ’18 and Cody Hoban ’20 as they played games for Boston College and Sacred Heart University, respectively. After his game, Cody called into the Zoom videoconference to catch up with the boys and talk about his experiences since graduating from Loomis.

Since students arrived back on campus last weekend and Winter Term II has begun, teams will be able to practice again soon, with pandemic safety protocols in place. Hopefully the work that teams put in this winter building camaraderie online prepares them well for the start of the new term.