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Pelicans of the Week

Congratulations to these student athletes for being named Pelicans of the Week by their coaches. The honor is given to students who stand out on the playing field as well as those who act as excellent teammates.

Girls JV Basketball

Sophomore Anna Li and freshman Brooke Barry

We recognize two players this week for their outstanding contributions on and off the court. Anna and Brooke have been quiet but strong contributors and most recently helped rally the team in contests against Kingswood-Oxford and Choate. Anna, a skillful ball handler, works well with the other guards and is key to the Pelican offense. She frequently puts points on the board with her three-point shots and plays an aggressive man-to-man. In her second year on the JV squad, Anna provides leadership and brings strong court-awareness to her game. Brooke arrived on campus with significant basketball experience and has been an essential rebounder for the Pelicans. Additionally, she does a great job of getting the ball in the lane and pushing past her defenders. Brooke is relentless on the court, often playing every minute of the game, and brings a great attitude to all difficult tasks.

Girls JV Squash

Junior Kavya Kolli

A newbie to the squash team this year, Kavya is eternally optimistic, her energy providing important motivation to the rest of the team. This week, while she ultimately lost to two tough opponents, Kavya was the only girl on the team to push both matches into four games, winning a total of 34 points against her Pomfret opponent and 31 against Hotchkiss. Kavya's game has improved markedly since December, and the coach is excited to see the same progress during the second half of the season. Keep it up, Kavya!

Boys JV Ice Hockey

Junior Sam DeNey

Despite a 1-5 loss against Choate this weekend, goaltender Sam played amazingly well in the blue paint, making huge saves throughout the game, and he stood tall against a Choate team that crashed the net hard and often crashed into him in their pursuit of the puck. His solid effort kept the game close, and it wasn't until the last few minutes of the game that Choate was able to pull away.

Boys Swimming

Freshmen Liam Hochman and Henry Wang

In recent weeks, divers Liam and Henry have dedicated themselves to tackling new, challenging dives and to perfecting the basics. Liam started his diving career just last year, and he has progressed dramatically, especially for a relative novice. His balance and board work — the vital components of success in diving — are very strong, foreshadowing a highly promising career in the years to come. Henry, meanwhile, climbed onto a diving board for the first time in December. His poise, his eagerness, and his graceful entries have inspired him to achieve personal best scores in every meet thus far. Like Liam, Henry will contribute hugely to the Pelicans' success over the next few years. Come see them in action against Choate on Wednesday, February 13!

Boys III Basketball

Freshman Evan Caulfield

Evan was a solid contributor in our one-point win over Deerfield on Wednesday and followed up that game with eight points off of the bench in our victory on Saturday at Williston. Evan has stepped it up in practice, and his team defensive skills have improved dramatically since the beginning of the season.