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Pelicans of the Week

Girls JV Basketball

Sophomores Skye Zhou and Nalinda Wanikpun

It is a pleasure to recognize two players this week who arrived at tryouts in late November with very different experiences but shared a common end of outstanding team commitment. Skye was brand new to basketball and had much to learn. She was relentless in her pursuit of mastery of individual skills and in her efforts to understand the game, its rules, and its strategy. Skye proved to be a very coachable player who listened to feedback and did her best to put suggestions into action. Her positive attitude and never-give-up approach served her well. A season's worth of hard work paid off when, in the last game of the season, Skye hit two free throws, her first points of the season, and everybody (except for the opposing team) celebrated.

Captain Nalinda arrived to Olcott in late November with tremendous experience, great ball-handling skills, and a strong understanding of the game. She quickly proved to be a leader on and off the court. The team depended on her to make things happen, and she rose to this occasion at every practice and game. Best of all, she did it with a great attitude and was always willing to go above and beyond. Whether it was getting the ball rack before practice or explaining a play to a less experienced player, Nalinda simply took the initiative and got things done. Though illness, injuries, and other school commitments meant we frequently didn't have the full team, Nalinda had a perfect attendance record for all practices and games. We are grateful for the contributions of Skye and Nalinda and appreciate their impact on the development of the team.

Boys JV Ice Hockey

Freshman Ethan Wasserberger and seniors Joe Sanderson and Grayson Hall

Ethan scored his first goal of the season against the Yale U-14 squad on Saturday, February 23, and it was one for the ages! With just a few seconds left in the second period, coach Andrew Bartlett boldly pulled the goalie to get an extra attacker, and on the ensuing faceoff Ethan came out with the puck and buried it past the Bulldog goaltender to tie up the game.

Joe and Grayson were the heart and soul of the boys JV ice hockey team and will be deeply missed next year. Joe did "yeoman's work" throughout the season, but particularly on Saturday. He quietly did all of the appropriate things on defense to keep his team in the game. Grayson played for this team for four years, with a smile on his face as he learned more and more about teamwork, the game of hockey, and becoming a natural leader. These two seniors can be proud of their service to the program.

Girls Varsity Ice Hockey

Seniors Abby Kuhns, Avery Flynn, Georgia Kraus, Jess Schryver, and Maddie Hong

The girls varsity ice hockey team would like to recognize Abby, Avery, Georgia, Jess, and Maddie. These five have worked hard to be role models and to lead our program this year. Thank you, seniors! We are grateful for your significant contributions these past several years!

Boys Swimming and Diving

Seniors Matt Remigino, Ben Laidlaw, Laith Hijazi, Kai Junn Tham, Jaden Rismay, and C.J. Owen

Our boys varsity swimming and diving team is fortunate to have a mature and devoted group of senior leaders this winter. Our newest, Matt, having made quite an impact upon the cross country team in the fall, eased right into our training regime, and of late he's posted his best races of the season. Ben exploded at the Founders Championships over the weekend with several lifetime bests and extremely exciting races. Three-year veterans Laith and Kai Junn, who have met with steady progress over the years, are both poised to conclude their Loomis aquatics careers on a high note. Captain Jaden, meanwhile, leader of our breaststrokers and emerging sprinting phenom, made a huge impact in the team's Founders League victory on Saturday.

And our sole, grizzled four-year veteran, captain C.J., has rebounded from a significant shoulder injury to his traditional fighting form, playing a vital role in the Pelicans' push toward a strong showing at the Founders meet and the upcoming New England Championships. Inspired by Captains Owen and Rismay, all of these seniors have set a standard for hard training, superb sportsmanship, good humor, and fierce competition, leading our relatively young team to an impressively strong 2019 season. We thank them and wish them all an exciting conclusion to their senior season at Deerfield this weekend. More importantly, we wish them happy and rewarding college careers, joyful and fulfilling lives beyond those ivy-bedecked walls, and fond memories of their teammates and other friends at Loomis forever!

Girls Varsity Squash

Senior Lily Taylor

Lily finished her season with a 20-6 record at the No. 1 spot. She also earned a second place overall finish at the NEPSAC championships this past weekend, an impressive feat for anyone. Her on court heroics and consistent display of grit, determination and humility was highlighted this past weekend as she gracefully worked her way to the final, and played a spectacular match in final. Her season as a whole was outstanding, and her work ethic, maturity and leadership were integral to the success of our team. Congratulations on a phenomenal season, and we can't wait to watch her compete as a Trinity Bantam next year.