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Skiing, Coed

Program Overview

The Loomis Alpine Ski Team is a diverse group of dedicated student athletes. Some of our racers have competed outside of the Berkshire Ski League in United States Skiing Association events while others have never had the opportunity to race prior to joining the Loomis team. The winter season begins with dry-land training. The focus of this phase of training includes goal-setting, finding one's anaerobic and aerobic threshold for endurance and speed, weight training and hill workouts for building power, agility exercises for balance and quick movement, and core workouts for overall strength. Once our students return from Winter Break, the team begins its season on snow at Ski Sundown. Student athletes train Monday through Friday on the slopes, and races are held on Wednesdays. The team competes in the Class B Division of the New England Prep School Alpine Ski League.


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