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Boys Varsity Squash

Boys Varsity Squash

Loomis Chaffee boys squash looks to build highly competitive squash players while competing as a team in a impressive and always challenging schedule. Returning players create a foundation for our program while new players promote strong competition for the team. We believe in a consistent program message; our squads are coached with strong communication between the junior varsity and varsity teams and with a true program mentality. Players coming in with little to no experience have the chance to work their way up the ladder and succeed at the varsity level as their experience grows.

The program philosophy centers on the core concept that squash is both fun and challenging. The goal is for the boys to hone their skills daily, take fitness seriously, compete hard, and have fun. We see squash as a lifelong sport, where the skills of the game and the understanding of its flow and strategies create lasting friendships and an enduring enjoyment of the game.

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