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Vendor Registration

Contractor/Vendor Campus Access and Badges


Required Forms



The Loomis Chaffee School is committed to providing the safest possible environment for all members of its community. The purpose of the contractor/vendor access policy is to screen, register and maintain a daily record of persons working on or visiting the Loomis Chaffee campus. It is often necessary to permit outside contractors and/or vendors to access the campus and its buildings for the purpose of servicing equipment, making repairs, or conducting other forms of business. Contractors and/or vendors performing work on campus will be required to register with the office of Campus Safety and receive a visitor’s badge.



All contractors and vendors (referred to collectively in this section as “Contractor”) must comply with the requirements set forth in Connecticut Public Act 17-68 (codified at Connecticut General Statutes § 10-222c and § 10-221d). The Contractor is responsible for obtaining a completed State of Connecticut Contractor Verification form for any employee who would be in a position involving direct contact with students. The Contractor shall contact any current or former employer of such employee that was a local or regional board of education, council, school operator, or supervisory agent, or if such employment caused the employee to have contact with children, and request information concerning whether there was a finding of abuse or neglect or sexual misconduct against such employee. If the Contractor receives any information indicating a finding of abuse, neglect, or sexual misconduct, or otherwise has knowledge of such a finding, then the Contractor must immediately forward this information to the Loomis Chaffee School.

All Contractors must conduct state and federal criminal background checks on all employees and subcontractors who would have direct contact with students. State and federal criminal background checks must have been conducted in the past 12 months. Contractors are required to self-report any new criminal charges or convictions of their employees or subcontractors. This report must be made immediately to the Director of Campus Safety and the Director of Physical Plant. The Loomis Chaffee School reserves the right to audit criminal background checks, by requesting written confirmation or conducting its own independent background check. If a Contractor’s employee has a criminal history, or the School receives any information concerning a finding or abuse or neglect or sexual misconduct by such employee, then the Director of Physical Plant and the Director of Campus Safety will consider whether such person’s reported activity would pose a threat to the health and safety of the Loomis Chaffee community.

Work cannot begin and Visitor ID badges will not be issued until the background check(s) are completed and the Loomis Chaffee Director of Physical Plant and the Director of Campus Safety receive the signed Annual Contractor Certification Agreement.

A completed background check does not automatically clear an individual for campus-wide, unescorted access. A person’s escort status and campus access can change depending on factors such as whether school is in session, if buildings are occupied, any change in criminal history, the Contractor’s needs and the school’s concern for the safety of its community.


All Contractors working on campus must obtain a visitor badge from Campus Safety Department, which is located in the Physical Plant. The contractor/vendor must present a state issued ID prior to being entered into the daily visitor database and issued a visitor badge. The visitor badge must be worn and visible while on campus. The visitor badge must be returned to the Campus Safety Department at the end of each workday.

Please address any questions or concerns to Chris Lamy, Director of Campus Safety, at 860-687-6500 or