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Monday, October 15, 2018 

Dear all,

We hope you are looking forward to a wonderful week leading up to what always proves to be an inspiring family weekend. There is a wide variety of choices today, from an article about finding the mentors we all need in our lives, to the history of racism in college admissions, to an infographic and article on the 21st century skills we should be teaching, to teaching sex-ed in school. We hope you find something that speaks to you. And please, as always, let us know if you ever have any suggestions.


Sara, Rachel and Harrison


As the court begins to hear the case of race and admissions at Harvard, here is an interesting piece from The New York Times on the history of the debate on race in college admissions. It's interesting to think about what the effect of the Harvard decision will have on admissions at other institutions.


Another interesting article from The New York Times, this one concerning parent involvement in student lives in China's universities. It certainly can lead to some interesting discussions on cultural awareness.



Can rich kids become good leaders? An interesting article from The Wall Street Journal takes on this question in the aftermath of the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings.


The five types of mentors you need in your life. This is an interesting, brief article on the types of mentors we should all have in our lives, followed by a TED talk about leadership and mentorship. (

Innovation and Technology


Colleges are Changing to Fit the iGen Student (NYTimes)


A Toolkit for Digital Civics ( "Many young people don't know how to engage in productive dialogue across digital spaces and platforms, or how to create media that represents their authentic views, or how to manage their online lives — including their privacy — in a way that is safe and comfortable for them. That's where educators can step in."



Professional Development Opportunities

For those of you who read A More Beautiful Question or have always been interested in sparking discussion through questions, the deadline for registration for this Harvard online class is Monday, October 15 (today!). The price is $199. Please let me know if you have any questions.


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"As teachers, we all have assumptions -- and likely some opinions -– about teenagers and social media. But are those assumptions correct? Well, now we have research to help us find out."


Read the latest on new research concerning teens, social media and what it means for teachers. (

Neuroscience of learning (Mind, Brain, Education Strategies)


This article talks to the effect that classroom space has on student learning and how teachers can play a key role in designing that space. (Education Dive)


We Learn by Doing: What educators get wrong about Bloom's Taxonomy (EdWeek)


An op-ed piece from The New York Times states that there is still no solid research that says that learning styles exist.



This Education Dive brief give several interesting links to research that has been done on how a robust arts curriculum can lead to future careers in the arts.

This NYTimes blog on writing your way to happiness was written a couple of years ago, but relevant in our year as we focus on mental wellbeing.

The graphic on The Other 21st Century Skills leads me to wonder what our own graphic concerning 21st century skills might look like. (User Generated Education)


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