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from The Kravis Center 

Monday, November 5, 2018 

Dear Colleagues,


Thank you all for making Open Classroom Week such a success. I found myself engaged in numerous conversations outside the classroom about what we had observed, and Sheila's gathering on Thursday evening offered the time and space for more in depth questions and conversations about all things teaching. Please do not let the end of this enriching week hinder you from visiting classes throughout the year. Several faculty asked whether we were limited to one week of class visitations and observations. Absolutely not! Please reach out to teachers whom you would like to observe and arrange a time to visit.


Between a successful run of Twelfth Night in the NEO last week, the fall dance performance, the Chamber Music Recital, the opening of the Leila Daw exhibit in The Mercy Gallery this Thursday night, and the return of Singer-songwriter Juliana Just Costa LC'09 to the Island this Friday, it is an exciting month for the arts at Loomis Chaffee. We hope that you have taken advantage of, and will continue to take advantage of, these opportunities. In honor of this busy week, we have posted several articles on a variety of subjects related to the arts.


With exams around the corner, assessments are on all of our minds.

  • What do we want students to know and do by the end of each term?
  • How are students going to demonstrate what they know and can do?
  • And then, as we reflect on how our students did, what experiences and support did students need to get them there? Were the experiences and support effective?

These are all important questions to discuss at any point in the year; however, exam week always proves to be a time of reflection on our practices as we move into a new term.


Enjoy the readings and have a wonderful week!

Sara, Rachel and Harrison



The Arts


Towards a More Inclusive Music Education, NAFME, submitted by Sue Chrzanowski


The Impact of Art Museum Programs on K-12 Students, Art Educators submitted by Sue Chrzanowski


Music education can have tremendous payoff despite high costs, Education Dive


Shakespeare in prison, Check out this oldie but goodie from This American Life


Wouldn't it be amazing if doctors prescribed, and if insurance covered the cost of, trips to a museum? Quartz  

Equity and Inclusion

The following TED talk was given by Alex Meyer, the convocation speaker on Monday, November, 5. Beyond Boy or Girl: How labels save lives

All your questions about gender-neutral pronouns answered Teen Vogue

What being transgender looks like, according to stock photography NY Times

Assessments and Grading


How to design a competency-based assessment Global Online


Designing Multiple Choice Questions University of Waterloo


14 Rules for Writing Multiple Choice Questions Brigham Young University


Five Obstacles to Grading Reform ACSD


So, this article about a FL teacher fired for giving a 0% on a homework assignment  may open up Pandora's box about grading . . . we'll follow up next week. People Magazine 

Professional Development Opportunities



On Thursday morning, the Kravis Center will host an open discussion on formative assessments and retrieval practice. Erica Gerace and Lil Corman will their experiences on this topic as we delve into this important pedagogy. All are welcome (and there will be food!).


RE-Center; Equity in Education Workshops: Please click on this link to see a wide range of local professional development opportunities around equity in education. RE-Center


For anyone exploring technology as part of a PLC/PD or as a stated goal, check out this PD opportunity Using High-Tech Tools in the Classroom The Chronicle

Curriculum and Pedagogy

The Prophetic Pragmatism of Frederick Douglass I thought this was an interesting piece, espeically given that the Freshman are currently reading Frederick Douglass.


Social Media and our Children/Students

"I am convinced the devil lives in our phones." NYTimes


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