Monday Musings

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Monday, November 12, 2018 

Dear Colleagues,


During the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday break, I am hopeful that everyone will find the time to up their feet and relax a bit. This time to rejuvenate allows us also to reflect on how the fall term went and what the winter term will look like, whether in the classroom, the theater, the dorm, athletics, or elsewhere on campus.


As we prepare for exams, the focus of this week's Monday Musings is on Pedagogy and Mental Health and Wellbeing. And, as always, there is a link to Professional Development Opportunities, as well as articles on Equity and Inclusion.


As a follow-up to Harrison's announcement last Friday during faculty meeting, please fill out this form for suggestions for Thursday morning PD opps. Your feedback is always greatly appreciated.


Finally, I have included some links to movies that I've been hearing about in the past couple of weeks. Hopefully, in between grades, comments and, more importantly, preparing the Thanksgiving meal, we'll have time to see one!


Have a wonderful, relaxing, and uplifting holiday.


Sara, Rachel and Harrison



Mental Health and Wellbeing


Although we may not be completely comfortable incorporating these mindfulness activities in the classroom, finding just a couple of ways to help students relax during stressful times can be helpful. Education's Voice


Testing, Testing: How mindfulness can help,


7 Simple Ways to Sneak Mindfulness into your Teaching Day, Edutopia


Mental health ed informs students of difference between stress and depression.

Education Dive

Pedagogy: Assessment; Grading; Homework and Failure

Finding Clarity in Assessment and Grading edutopia


The question isn't how much homework; it's why


Eleven interesting viewpoints on The Value of Failure from the latest Middlebury magazine.


Just in case you want to read a grading counterpoint, here is The Case Against Grades by Alfie Kohn

Professional Development Opportunities


RE-Center; Equity in Education Workshops



Kravis Center portal page


Please fill out this form for suggestions for Thursday morning PD opps.


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