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Monday, April 1, 2019 

Dear Colleagues:

Phew - what a whirlwind day we had with Grant Lichtman! If you are like us, your reactions to Grant's presentation ranged from feelings of invigoration (Our students' learning should be joyful!) to fright (I'll be out of a job in twenty years? Ah!). But I left the day feeling energized and hopeful. Sixty percent of our "deliverables" are doable! What initiatives would you like to pilot next year?    

If you'd like to discuss your takeaways from Grant's visit and/or debrief Most Likely to Succeed, please come to the Kravis Center this Thursday, April 4th during the PD time. There is a lot to unpack, and we want to hear from you!

Please note that the PD section of this week's Monday Musings is full of opportunities relating to pedagogy and diversity, equity, and inclusion work.



Rachel, on behalf of the Kravis Center

Follow-up to Grant Lichtman's Visit

If you didn't already do so, check out the introduction to Grant's book, Moving the Rock: Seven Levers WE Can Press to Transform Education.

The Mastery Transcript: Referenced by Grant several times, this group of schools aims to "create a high school transcript to reflect the unique skills, strengths, and interests of each learner."  

Pedagogical Practice of the Week: Deeper Learning

Grant Lichtman's cheat sheet

Design Challenge:  Course accessibility

"Never Go to Vegas," an episode of the "Hidden Brain" podcast deals with the social norms that affect our decisions. Particularly applicable to us is the last segment, in which researcher Elizabeth Currid-Halkett discussions what she dubs the "aspirational class." If you engage in activities such as "Yoga, breastfeeding, buying organic food, attending farmers markets, listening to NPR, reading the books on The New York Times best-seller list," you may be interested in learning about the social pressures that influence your behavior and the societal consequences of your decisions, including perpetuating privilege.

Design Challenge:  Authentic Assessments

Seven Essentials for Project-Based Learning

Preparing Teachers for PBL

Comparing and contrasting typical tests and authentic tasks

Read about what a professor discovered after he asked his students to write their own exam.

Design Challenge:  Interdisciplinarity

Interdisciplinary Learning Overview

Ways to build interdisciplinary classrooms

Professional Growth Opportunities

Interested in learning more about project and problem-based learning? Read about an online opportunity from Amy Baeder. Read more about the Buck institute which is considered the gold standard in PBL training.

Take a deep dive into the neuroscience of learning with the authors of Neuroteach, Glenn Whitman and Ian Kelleher. Read more about the Science of Teaching and Leadership Academy at The Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning (CTTL) from July 21 - 25. Sara Deveaux attended last summer and would be happy to chat with anyone interested. Rachel Nisselson and Lena Sadowitz are signed up for July, 2019. 1-2 more spaces available.

July 29-31 (College Park, MD): An entire conference dedicated to formative assessments. Formative Assessment Conference with Dylan Wiliam, Tom Guskey, Susan Brookhart and Jay McTighe (Understanding by Design). What an array of experts! Become the LC expert!

CAIS Conferences: The Connecticut Association of Independent Schools is offering a number of conferences in April and over the summer

If you are looking for more ideas, please remember that the Loomis Chaffee PD doc has many exciting opportunities to offer. If interested, talk with your Assistant Department Head or anyone in the Kravis Center.


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion PD opportunities


NAIS Inclusive School Network Institute in Potomac, MD on June 17-18.

Summer Gender Institute at Andover on July 28 - August 3.  

The Race Institute for K-12 Educators at the Agnes Irwin School in Philadelphia on July 30 - August 1.

Power, Practice, Privilege: Unpacking Our White Selves at Georgetown Day School HS on June 18-21.



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