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Transcript Requests

Are you a current student or have you graduated from Loomis Chaffee within the last two years?​​​​​​​

Since you are a current student or recent graduate please contact David Rion with the information requested below.

1. Name while a student at Loomis Chaffee

2. Year of Graduation

3. Date of birth

4. Current address and phone number

5. Address or fax number where you wish to have the transcript sent

If you are requesting a transcript and graduated more than two years ago or are not a current student, please complete the information below.

Do you require an official transcript? (Please note that for official transcripts you must give specific recipient information).​​
Please list your name while a student at Loomis Chaffee​​​​
Enter the 4 digit year of your graduation​​​
Please enter birthdate as DD/MM/YYYY​​​​

Please provide your current address and telephone number

Please provide the school, government, or other official recipient's contact Information where you want the transcript sent.

Please note: if the transcript is sent to you, it will be stamped as "Student Issued".

Transcripts are typically processed within two work days and there is no charge for this service.