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Alumni news notes appear on Loomis Chaffee alumni social media accounts, which can be viewed publicly. (These include the Loomis Chaffee Class Notes Instagram account and the Loomis Chaffee Alumni Facebook page.) Class notes are no longer published in Loomis Chaffee Magazine

Career News

Share news about any professional accomplishments to mention (e.g. awards, published works, etc.) If this is about a career or employment change, when do/did you start your new job? What prompted the change?

Marriages & Commitments

Recently married? Celebrating a special anniversary? Let us know.

Births & Adoptions
Tell us about the new child in your life.

(e.g. if adopted - age at adoption; if multiple birth - name(s) of other child(ren); how parents are doing; list other siblings, etc.)​​

Educational News

(e.g. awards and honors received, what next, etc.)
Tell us about recent travels, life events big and small, gatherings with fellow LC alumni, or other items of interest.​
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