Section V

2020–21 Demographic Data

Number of Domestic Students of Color 2020–21

Students are not required to report race and ethnicity data. All data collected is self-reported and for U.S. citizens/permanent residents only. In addition to the data for students of color presented above, 317 students reported a race/ethnicity of European American, 57 selected the option “Prefer Not To Respond,” and seven gave no response. International students are defined as non-U.S. citizens.

Domestic Students of Color 2020-21



Asian, Black, Latinx, and Multiracial Student Enrollment Numbers

Asian, Black, Latinx, and Multiracial Students 2018-2020



Domestic and International Students: Percentages of Total Enrollment 2020–21

Domestic and International Students 2020-21



Student Gender 2020–21

Currently, Loomis Chaffee offers students, faculty, and staff the option of reporting their gender only as either female or male. The school is considering adding additional gender identities to its survey tools and databases.

Student Gender 2020-21



Number of Employees of Color 2020–21

Employees of Color 2020-21



Percentage of Employees of Color by Employment Category 2020–21

Percentage of Employees of Color by Employment Category 2020-21


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