2019-20 Annual Fund Highlights

  • The 2019-20 Annual Fund raised $4,220,149 in unrestricted gifts. These gifts to the Annual Fund are incredibly meaningful each and every year, supporting our operating budget and providing the flexible, unrestricted dollars that enable us to fulfill a wide range of needs, including those that are unanticipated.
  • Philanthropy Day, Loomis Chaffee’s signature one-day giving challenge, raised $317,779 from 1,218 donors. This success was in part thanks to a $100,000 Challenge by Trustee John Bussel '87, P'21 and his family.
  • Alumni celebrating a reunion contributed $574,721 to the Annual Fund and represented almost 25% of the overall dollars raised by alumni.
  • 72% of the parent community participated in the Annual Fund, donating over $1.4 million dollars. Almost 50 parent volunteers helped lead this outreach
  • Nearly 300 alumni volunteers helped call, email, text or write their classmates to ask for their support of the Annual Fund.

Annual Fund Co-Chairs
Bryant Tolles ’57
Anne Schneider McNulty ’72
Jennifer Podurgiel ’96
Tyler Earle ’09

Parent Co-Chairs
John and Heather Fargis P '16, '20, '21

List of Alumni (by class)

Alumni and current students, of Loomis, Chaffee, and Loomis Chaffee, are represented by decade and within individual classes below.

* indicates a member of the Common Good Society for Consecutive Giving † indicates deceased as of July 1, 2020


List of Non-Alumni (by constituency)

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