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At Home

At Home

Roommates Kwesi Sam and Oliver Vulliez in front of Kravis Hall.

“Dorm life is incredible.”

Oliver Vulliez

When good friends Kwesi Sam and Oliver Vulliez had a chance to be roommates in their junior year, they jumped at the opportunity.

Oliver: “Kwesi is one of the hardest working people I know. He’s up at 6:30 every morning doing schoolwork or playing soccer, or a mixture of both. He’s someone I look up to in that way.”

Kwesi: “Oliver is a very funny guy, but when it comes down to it, he is a really hard worker not only with school but also lacrosse … and I like to surround myself with people who are really hard-working.”

They agree that one of the advantages of life at a boarding school is the great friendships you make and the deep connections that form between students and their teachers and coaches because of all the time you spend together in the classrooms, in the dorms, on the playing fields, in extracurricular activities, and just hanging out.

The faculty and students in Kravis Hall — Kwesi and Oliver’s dormitory — have created a fun, comfortable place to live, a real community. Birthday celebrations with pizza and wings, Ms. Zamah’s cookies, the dorm’s legendary Kravis Basketball Association, and Saturday nights in the common room watching TV are just a few of the great aspects of life in Kravis.

Cutler Hall
Three friends hanging out on Grubbs Quad

Student Life

Life as a student at LC, whether you live on campus or in the local area, is a 24-hour, 7-days a week experience filled with classes, athletics, the arts, evening and weekend events, student activities and clubs, hanging out with friends, and so much more. Check out our vibrant community where individuality thrives and lifelong friendships are forged.

Explore Student Life

Cutler Hall

Living on Campus

Loomis Chaffee is a welcoming, safe community of students and faculty — a "home away from home" for more than 500 boarding students and faculty. As a boarding student on “The Island” you will establish strong relationships living and learning alongside peers, faculty, coaches, and mentors.

Living on Campus

Student performing at Springfest

Student Activities

There is always something going on at Loomis. Our Student Activities Organization (StuActs), which is comprised of both students and faculty, plans weekend activities and other events during campus free-times. StuActs also is responsible for overseeing all student clubs and helping to promote and support the various organizations on campus.

Get Involved

Loomis Chaffee students hanging out in the Scanlan Campus Center
Group of boys on nice spring day sitting in Adirondack chairs on Grubbs Quad
Group photo at the Winterfest dance


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