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Maggie Bankowski playing lacrosse

“I want people to come to Loomis just like I did because it’s been a game-changer in my life.”

Maggie Bankowski 

Knowing that she wanted a new and different experience, Maggie Bankowski had no doubts about moving from Oregon to the East Coast for boarding school. She looked at several great schools, but Loomis Chaffee was always her favorite.

With a goal of playing collegiate lacrosse, Maggie knew she needed a high school with a strong lacrosse program and a head coach who could help her with the recruitment process — and Loomis fit the bill. In addition, Loomis offered balance — academically, socially, athletically — and an environment that was not too big or too small. “I can walk the halls and always see someone I have a connection with but there also are always new people to meet.”

The importance of balance is reinforced in a variety of ways, including a team rule that all the players have to participate in other activities every year outside of lax. Maggie also finds balance in her challenging academic program. She has pursued her interests in math and science while also discovering how much fun her English and history classes can be. The result? A “game-changing” experience that has opened her up to new ideas about her future while also helping her reach her long-held athletics goals.

Students in the weight room

Mind, Body, Spirit

At Loomis Chaffee we support the full-person development of our athletes — from nutrition to strength and conditioning — inspiring them to pursue excellence while ensuring their safety and wellness. Learn more about our Performance Training Program.

LC Girls Lacrosse


One of the primary reasons Maggie chose Loomis Chaffee was our lacrosse program. Learn more about girls and boys lacrosse on the Island. Interested in a different athletics program? Find your teams here


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