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Samantha Tishler and Ignacio Feged walk down the senior path.

“I don’t want to have conversations that are easy.”

Ignacio Feged

As co-leaders of the non-partisan political discussion group known as the Shultz Fellowship, seniors Samantha Tishler and Ignacio Feged do not always agree on the important issues of our day. But there is one thing about which they most definitely agree: the Shultz Fellowship is the place that they became comfortable being uncomfortable. In their weekly roundtable student-led discussions, Shultz Fellows discuss everything from U.S. fiscal policy to issues in the Middle East. It's not always easy, according to Ignacio, but it is always gratifying.

Along with the members of the group, both leaders seek to foster an environment where people can discuss topics that they are passionate about openly and honestly. “Being able to voice those things to others is so productive and it forces us out of our echo chambers,” says Sam.

“I don’t want to have conversations that are easy,” says Ignacio. “I always feel unsatisfied if we have a Shultz conversation where we are all on the same page because we aren’t learning anything new. Everyone can benefit from just being able to listen better.”

Check out the podcast in which Sam and Ignacio discuss what the Shultz Fellowship means to them.





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