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Roommates Izzy and Laura in their dorm room.

“We both understand that, even if we are super busy, quality time together is really important.”

Izzy Heflin

Paired to be roommates in their freshman year at Loomis, Laura Phyu and Izzy Heflin didn’t know what to expect but were eager to connect as soon as possible. On their first day on campus, it didn’t take long for the two to meet in person. “When (Izzy) was waiting in the registration line, . . . I literally ran out of the building and found her and hugged her,” Laura said.

The roommate pair attributes their compatibility to the roommate survey that students complete before they arrive. “All of our answers were the same,” Laura said. After a successful first year experience, Laura and Izzy chose to continue as roommates in their sophomore year. In their time together they have learned the importance of being present for each other.

Their advice for navigating a successful roommate relationship is formed on three pillars: communication, respect, and having an open mind. “You have to go into it [accepting] the person for who they are,” says Izzy. “You can’t have this ideal roommate in your head. You need to learn to accept a person for all their beauty and all their stories and everything they bring to the table.”

Listen to the podcast that Laura and Izzy recorded to learn more about their friendship and transition to Loomis.



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