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Emily Khym looking out the window in the library

“Everyone has a story to tell.”

Emily Khym

“Good leaders have to learn how to follow,” says Emily Khym. And Emily knows a lot about leadership. During her time here, Emily has served as a prefect, resident assistant, editor-in-chief of The Log, and director of clubs for Student Activities. “As editor-in-chief, for example, it’s really important to me that I can empathize with the section editors. I’ve been in their shoes. I think about how we can collaborate together; about how we can make the experience more interactive. It’s not like ‘I command you and you will follow me!’”

According to Emily, empathy is a trait that we all have but that needs to be cultivated in each and every one of us. “To be very honest, my freshman year I wasn’t really thinking about what other people might be feeling,” says Emily. “As I’ve matured over the years, I’ve come to develop empathy for others. In the end, getting to know and care about other people is about mutual respect and trust. Everyone has a story to tell.”

Now a senior, Emily plans to study history in college. “I’ve been thinking a lot about what stories people tell, but I never really thought about what story I have to tell. I’m really interested in how studying history can help me do that.”

Read more about leadership opportunities at Loomis and listen to the podcast that Emily recorded to learn more about her LC experiences.



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Emily Khym performing in the annual RA/Prefect Lipsynch Battle

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