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Student council memebers

“I believe that Loomis is a place where your voice can truly be heard and your ideas can actually materialize.”

Min Jun Jung

2019-20 Student Council Officers

2019-20 Student Council officers. Middle picture, left to right: Margarita Demkina, Megan Lam, Min Jun Jung, and Maral Asik.


Maral Asik, Student Council president: “My favorite thing by far out of my four years on the council has been knowing that other students feel free to come up to you and express their concerns, express their wants, really just any thought that they have, even not necessarily having a proposed solution in mind but just being that listening ear for the student body and knowing that as a Student Council we have the power to make the change proposed by our peers.”

Min Jun Jung, Student Council vice president: “The joke among our faculty advisors is that the Student Council has more power than the teachers. And I believe that that holds true in a sense. At Loomis you have the opportunity to truly make a difference in your school and in your community.”

Head of School Sheila Culbert tells all students that Loomis is their school — their home and community to grow, enrich, and make their own. From head tour guides to international student ambassadors, from peer mentors to newspaper editors, from sports captains to Student Council representatives, our wide network of student leaders make that happen. 

Pelican Scoop Podcast

Check out the podcast that Maral, Min, and their fellow Student Council officers Margarita Demkina and Megan Lam recorded about the Student Council and other leadership opportunities at Loomis.


Staying “In the Loop”

Spring term 2020, Loomis Chaffee, like most schools across the country, moved to online learning for the term amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Students Aiden Gilles, Maral Aski, and Anna Rebello wanted to find a way to keep the student community connected while they were physically apart so they approached faculty member Eric Laforest with an idea for a weekly podcast and produced the hugely popular “In the Loop” weekly show. Check out a few of the episodes below.


Season 2 of In the Loop is now available. No matter where you are in world, we can all stay “In The Loop” — together!


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