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Sandro Mocciolo carrying two white buckets

“I have grown more confident in sharing my own ideas and becoming a leader.”

Sandro Mocciolo 

When Sandro Mocciolo came to Loomis as a freshman, he encountered something that surprised him. “I was able to make connections with seniors and juniors, people outside of my own class. It was something I never expected. They were all really great role models for me. I admired how they were able to be really exciting people, while also pursuing academics and extracurricular projects.”

Now, as a senior and the top scholar in his class, Sandro is the one in the mentoring role, serving as head environmental proctor, Log editor, captain of the cross country team, and Student Council representative, among other things. Reflecting back on his earlier years at Loomis, Sandro says that he thought “the ways in which I would grow was as a thinker — that [I] would get smarter, I would be able to pursue more difficult research projects, and that definitely happened. But what I didn’t anticipate were the ways that I would grow into an outgoing, social, and confident person.” Describing himself as “more reticent” as a younger student — “less interested in sharing my own ideas or speaking in front of people” — Sandro credits Loomis’ emphasis on developing leadership and collaborating with others for “helping him find his voice.”

“I have grown more confident in sharing my own ideas and becoming a leader and a decision maker,” says Sandro. “That is the most impactful thing that Loomis has done for me.”

Hear Sandro discuss his involvement in the music and environmental programs at Loomis.



Sandro lighting a match to ignite the file for the maple sap boil in the Loomis Chaffee Sugar Shack

Sugar Shack Marks Growth of Maple Sugaring

What started as tapping a few trees has turned into a much larger operation that this academic year includes building curriculum into the program and the construction of a sugar shack for boiling sap and storing equipment. 

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Students traveling

Alvord Center for Global & Environmental Studies

The Alvord Center’s mission is to develop globally and environmentally engaged leaders who not only learn about the world and the environment but directly explore how they can play an active role in improving both.

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Concert band on stage

Music at Loomis

The Hubbard Music Center, which houses a state-of-the-art music performance hall, is home to the Wind Ensemble, Orchestra, Concert Choir, Chamber Singers, Jazz Band, Jazz Improv Ensemble, and Chamber Music class. 

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