Students Present Senior Projects

Ten seniors engaged in intensive independent projects for two weeks this month and presented the results of their work to the school community on Monday and Tuesday, May 23 and 24.  

The Senior Projects program each year engages a selected group of seniors in self-designed, independent learning exercises during the final two weeks of classes, with a goal of inspiring their creativity, innovation, passion, and self-discovery. 

This year, three pairs of students and four individuals gained approval to pursue Senior Projects. At their final presentations, the participants shared their work, discussed what they had learned from the process, and answered audience questions. 

Andrew Park created a machine that can intake waste created from 3D printing, melt it down and recycle it into usable PLA filament. Hazel Le and Aidan Cooper created a handbook and lesson plans for teachers to integrate gender, sexuality, and consent dialogue into their class materials. Emma Dear made designs for small businesses in the local area that need strategic branding and logos. Isabella Jiang researched terminal diseases and mental illnesses and composed music expressing the emotions of patients going through these struggles. Justin Wu and John Sihn developed a course on modern Asian history. Lillie Szemraj photographed nebulae, galaxies, and the sun then shared her findings with an Astronomy class. Jasper Gitlitz and Kate Shymkiv wrote, produced, and performed a play in the blackbox theater of the new John D. and Alexandra C. Nichols Center for Theater and Dance.