Pelicans of the Week

Congratulations to these student athletes for being named Pelicans of the Week by their coaches! The honor is given to students who stand out on the playing field as well as to those who act as excellent teammates.

Girls III Soccer

Junior captain Olivia Malcolmson, sophomore captain Julia Manafort, and freshmen Cori Schmidt and Willa Hock

This week the Girls III soccer team honors captains Olivia Malcolmson & Julia Manafort for their excellent work all season and for being such a positive influence on the team. A adaptable player, Olivia stepped up to play goalie in many of our games. She has also been persistent in the midfield, working hard to win 50-50 balls and distributing the ball to the strikers.

As the unofficial student coach, Julia has been very patient with and helpful to the newcomers on the team, giving them tips and helping them to master every drill we practice. As a striker, Julia has been effective in pressuring our opponent's defense and creating goal-scoring opportunities for the team.

As we wrap up the season, we would also like to honor freshmen Cori Schmidt and Willa Hock for playing the wings so masterfully all season. Their speed and skills always earned high praise from our opponent's coaches. On top of that, they have consistently been two of our top scorers in every game. Congratulations to all on a superb season!

Girls Cross Country

Sophomore Mitali Vedula, senior captain Charlotte Fanning, freshman Eleanor Zhu, senior Jess Scott, and freshman Pilar Wingle

Team depth can make a big difference in cross country, as evidenced by the racing of these five Pelicans of the Week at Saturday's Founders League meet. Mitali's gutsy racing proved to be the deciding factor in the JV team's tie-breaker win of the JV championship. In the closely-contested competition, Loomis and Hotchkiss both scored 34 points, the sum of the places of the first five finishers on each team. By cross country rules, a tie is decided by the teams' sixth runners. Hotchkiss' sixth runner placed 22nd. Mitali, who was Loomis' No. 6 in the race, placed 14th, breaking the tie in the Pelicans' favor — and this despite a mid-race injury that landed Mitali on crutches after the finish. Much to their credit, Charlotte, Eleanor, Jess, and Pilar also would have clinched the win for Loomis with their finish places of 16th, 18th, 20th, and 21st, respectively. Look no further than these five, hard-racing harriers for proof of the cross-country adage "every place matters."

Boys Cross Country

Freshman Aljian, junior Matt Farrell, and senior Matt Remigino

In any given week, Matt Aljian might have been named a Pelican of the Week, as, in every given week, he has applied himself to the details of repeated dynamic drills, applied himself to the undulations of repeated hill loops, applied himself to the focus and discipline of pace laps, and, most energetically, applied himself to the physical and mental challenges specific to race day. At the Founders League Championships his past weekend, Matt raced through conditions of mud and muck, slick slopes and soggy spots, to finish 9th among Pelicans and in the top quarter the almost-200-strong JV field.

For the third year in a row, junior Matt Farrell has, quite literally, led the cross country team to Founders League Championship victory: this past Saturday, Matt became the first League individual competitor to break the tape in three consecutive Founders League cross country championships. Matt's uncompromised commitment to running shows in everything he does not just during practices and races and seasons, but in all the hours, days, and months between them. And for Matt, who embraces competition, the competition is always friendly, as he enjoys a cross country camaraderie that extends well beyond his own team.

To watch a Loomis Chaffee Cross Country varsity boys race, you would imagine that the tight pack of four or five Pelican harriers striding in almost-near-identical cadence had been training together for years. Not so. This fall, race after race, that pack has included a runner brand new to the campus, senior Matt Remigino. Arriving on the Island with the training and experience of a true distance running veteran, Matt moved with smiles and celerity into the boys cross country scene, his friendly camaraderie immediately tightening the group of guys most responsible for the outcome of the races. This past Saturday, in addition to finishing fourth for the 2018 Founders League Championship winning Pelicans, Matt earned individual Founders League All-Star status with his overall ninth place finish.

Boys JV Water Polo

Freshmen Ryna Flynn and Karan Kothari

Following our final games of the season, the JV Polo team salutes Ryan Flynn and Karan Kothari for their dramatic improvement over the course of the 2018 campaign. Neophytes to the game when the season started, both Ryan and Karan tapped into their physical assets (strong legs, solid swimming ability, strong throwing technique) and added intellectual focus, along with pure determination, to grow into contributing members of the team, especially during the second half of the season. Reliable defenders, Ryan and Karan have recently found their offensive strides, contributing assists and goals along with numerous steals and patient, aggressive defensive work. Because both boys bring an all-business attitude to practice every day, one might have foreseen their improvement over the past nine weeks. But talent and work ethic alone do not comprise a successful polo player; Ryan and Karan committed themselves to the team's success from the outset, and for their investment in the program and dedication to their team, we applaud the good work of Ryan and Karan this week!

Boys Varsity Water Polo

Senior Ben Laidlaw

In only his second season of water polo, Ben has steadily progressed in both his individual skills and his understanding of the game. He is a key contributor off the bench in all of our varsity competitions. This past week, he made timely plays in our games against Choate, Staples High School and Williston Northampton. Against Choate, Ben chipped in an assist and a steal as he used his speed to neutralize Wild Boar counterattack efforts. At Staples he scored his first goal of the season – a clutch power play strike that gave the team the lead in overtime. Ben scored another goal on Saturday against Williston, but the bigger impact was the strong defensive work he did in front of the goal to shut down the Wildcats in the third quarter. Ben's positive attitude and team first approach set a wonderful example for his peers and the younger boys in the program. We look forward to more hard work and good play from Ben as we head into post-season competition.


Junior Mia Griffiths

After a tricky round over fences to start the day, Mia deserved a lot of credit for refocusing to finish third in her under saddle class. Mia deserves more credit, however, for her work ethic and leadership throughout the show day. Co-hosting a horse show while also competing, as well, can be a difficult balancing act. Even so, Mia consistently stepped up by taking the initiative to help out behind the scenes throughout the day. Mia led by example and did a great job of kindly asking her teammates to step up, too, and for that, we are very appreciative! Keep up the great work, Mia!

Boys III Soccer

Sophomore Noah Quinn

The boys III's soccer team would honors Noah Quinn as this week's Pelican of the Week. Noah is one of the hardest working players on the team, and after taking a long time off to recover from an illness, he has turned into a leader on the field for the III's soccer team. Never one to complain, Noah works hard every day at practice and has improved drastically since day one. He plays central midfield for the squad, arguably the most important position out there, and controls the field with his skill, vision, and effort.

As the central midfielder, it is often Noah who is distributing the ball to those scoring goals, and though he never gets credit on the scoresheet, the offense more often than not flows through him and he has collected several important assists so far this season.

Congratulations Noah! Keep up the hard work.

Girls JV Field Hockey

Senior Azoya Clarke

Azoya has been instrumental in the success and leadership of the JVFH team. She has earned the honor of Pelican of the Week this week as she enters into her final two games for the team. Azoya has played Field Hockey for two years, joining us her Junior year. She has brought an immense amount of fun, energy and skill to the team. As a speedy forward, Azoya has been responsible for many break away attacks and front-line defense in her JV field hockey career. Similarly, Azoya serves as a wonderful role model for her peers both on and off the field.

Girls Varsity Field Hockey

Junior Calabria DeFazio

Calabria has been working incredibly hard in practice over the entire season and has steadily been improving her stick skills, field sense and most importantly, her communication. In practice we can hear her communicating with the defense and she has been stepping to 50/50 balls with more confidence. She is making smart decisions with the ball when she comes up with it, helping to start our offensive push. Over the past few weeks, Calabria has been asked to take on both defensive and midfield roles. She has stepped up in the midfield, doing a great job distributing the ball while also coming back on defense. Keep up the hard work Calabria!