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Celebration of Excellence Recognizes Students, Teacher of Year 

The annual Celebration of Excellence honors the achievements of juniors and seniors in many areas, and at the end of the ceremony, the Student Council president presents the Teacher of the Year award to a faculty member who has played a part in the success of many of those who walked up to the podium to be honored. 

This year that teacher was David Edgar of the English Department and the History, Philosophy & Religious Studies Department. The honored teacher is chosen by the Student Council based on student nomination essays.  

“I feel very honored,” David said after the Celebration of Excellence on Tuesday, May 21. “Honestly, there were a lot of teachers I would pick before myself. But I am completely honored and glad that some things I said stuck in the students’ heads.” 

It is what is inside the heads and hearts of the students that keeps him coming back, ready for the new day. He said he enjoys “coming in literally every day and being challenged in the classroom by students.” Student-initiated discussions and thus his role “never get stale,” David said. 

The awards ceremony also includes the passing of the gavel from one Student Council president to another and brief remarks by both leaders. Senior Preston McNulty Socha handed off the 2024–2025 presidency to junior Sara Feged. 

Preston spoke about “common goodness.” Part of the school's mission is to inspire in its students a commitment to the best self and common good.  “The word good ... is just good,” Preston said. “Achieving goodness is active. You take an action step to be good, to actively create a culture of goodness.” 

The students honored on this day, in their own way, had done just that, taking action, making their mark, influencing the culture of goodness. 



Madison Bromberg 

Orion Browne 

James Chadwell 

Yan Che 

Jason Chen 

Brian Choi 

Anh Dao 

Isabella Delach 

Isabella Flowers 

Maxwell Jiao 

Minjoo Kim 

Anuva Kolli 

Emma Korn 

Khanh Le 

Chi Yu Lee 

Lucas Levine 

Michael Li 

Charlotte Liss 

Fedora Liu 

James Livingstone 

Jessica Luo 

Lily Magliacano 

Preston McNulty Socha 

Charlotte Millman 

William Pashby 

Chloe Pendergrass 

Zarin Rizvi 

Mina Ruffle 

Anneliese Shactman 

Xueyiming Tang 

Eli Velepec 

Adi Verma 

Isabella Wang 

Iris Wen 

Angela Ye 

Kayla Zeng 

Andy Ze Xin Zhang 

Fanou Zhang 

Junqi Zhang 

Lingyong Zhang 

Zixuan Zhang 


Dito Chipfunde-Nong 

Natalie Crocker 

Nina Cushman 

Sara Feged 

Amy He 

Izzy Heflin 

Oscar Kong 

Eli Krasnoff 

Saul Lawrence 

Grace Rodner 

Iris Sande 

Katie Sigrist 

Penelope Struthers 


Presented to members of the junior and senior classes chosen for academic, athletic, and artistic excellence: 

Junior English Award 

Toby Chen 

Luke Han 

Yillian Jiang 

Farrah Kanorwallah 

Jessica Mulligan 

Iris Sande 

Norris E. Orchard Senior English Prize 

Jason Chen 

Katie Fullerton 

Jaleen Kairys 

Jessica Luo 

Sarai Ribicoff Senior Journalism Prize 

Ethan Song 

Isabella Wang 

Junior Art Award 

Toby Chen 

Cara Dai 

Christine Wu 

Catalina Tarantino 

Sanford B.D. Low Senior Art Prize 

Christian Aljian 

Moslima H 

Sophia Li 

Leah Ozgun 

Destiny Pond 

Rumi Schottland 

Nessa Tang 

Julia Grant 

Susan Figueroa 

Junior Modern and Classical Languages Award 

Sydney Hallowell (Arabic) 

Luke Han (Chinese) 

Sara Feged (French) 

Yilian Jiang (French) 

Toby Chen (Latin) 

David Liu (Latin) 

Oliver Zhang (Latin) 

Artem Gagushin (Spanish) 

Chéruy Senior Modern and Classical Languages Prize 

Anuva Kolli (Chinese) 

Khanh Le (Chinese) 

David Wu (Chinese) 

Andrew Dao (Chinese) 

Jason Chen (Latin) 

Isabella Delach (Spanish) 

The Carling Prize 

Anh Dao 

Koppleman Junior History Award 

Dito Chipfunde-Nong 

Colin Clokie 

Amy He 

Samuel C. Suisman Senior History Prize 

Michael Hoffman 

Preston McNulty Socha 

Frederick G. Torrey Philosophy and Religious Studies Prize 

Zarin Rizvi 

Rumi Schottland 

Kevin Zhai 

Social Science Prize 

Puffo Danchaivijitr 

Charlotte Millman 

Will Pashby 

Chloe Pendergrass 

Mina Ruffle 

Junior Dance & Theater Arts Award 

Boden Bubb (Technical Theater) 

Rachel Budd (Dance) 

Ellen Chen (Theater) 

Zaryjha Harrison (Theater) 

Riley Ostroff (Theater) 

Hannah Smith (Dance) 

Morris H. Brown Senior Dance & Theater Arts Prize 

Jamnia Ai (Technical Theater) 

Chloe Pendergrass (Dance) 

Lauren Sonnenfeld (Theater) 

Jonathan Sullivan (Theater) 

Junior Mathematics Award 

Bryan Chung 

Maren Forrest 

Daniel Jiang 

Eli Krasnoff 

Kenneth Lee 

Donald M. Joffray Senior Mathematics Prize 

Ryan Che 

Jason Chen 

Brian Choi 

Chloe Pendergrass 

Junior Science Award 

Toby Chen 

Bryan Chung 

Amy He 

Julius Kim 

Eli Krasnoff 

Eric Zhou 

J. Newfield Senior Science Prize 

Andrew Dao 

Zarin Rizvi 

Daniel Zhang 

William C. Card Junior Music Award 

Jack Griffin 

Oscar Kong 

Saul Lawrence 

Kenneth Lee 

Aaron P. Pratt Jr. Senior Music Prize 

Jamnia Ai 

Brigham Cooper 

Preston McNulty Socha 

Matthew Whitehead Award 

Anuva Kolli 

Cameron Rogers 

Loomis Chaffee Senior Community Engagement Prize 

Chloe Kahn 

Nicole Levine 

Jessica Luo 

Lily Magliacano 

Melody Saunders 

Junior Female Physical Education Awards 

Abby Congdon 

Liv Westfort 

Barbara W. Erickson Senior Athletic Achievement Prize 

Samantha Mancini 

Louisa Thomsen 

Junior Male Physical Education Award 

Gennaro Pompano 

Anthony Rodriguez 

Friends of Loomis Chaffee-Grubbs Prize 

Nathan Cobery 





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