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Duo Alterity Set to Perform

In 2016, when Allison Hughes and Joseph Van Doren were in their senior year of undergraduate studies at the Hartt School of Music, they won a Hartt Chamber Music competition that gave them the opportunity to perform at Loomis Chaffee in the Hubbard Performance Hall. 

“We were thrilled to win and absolutely delighted to perform in such an incredible concert hall, both visually and acoustically.” Allison said. “I had previously played in Hubbard as a member of the Hartt Orchestra. Knowing first-hand how fantastic the hall sounds, I was extremely excited for us to give a concert in Hubbard.” 

Allison (flute) and Joseph (guitar) will be in Hubbard on Wednesday, January 10, from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. as guest musicians. They perform as Duo Alterity. 

Allison is a flute teacher at Loomis, which she calls a dream come true. 

“I get to work with extremely talented, driven, and compassionate students and help them work toward achieving their goals,” Allison said. 

Duo Alterity has been playing together since 2013.  

“In regard to our name, I was playing a newly composed work, written by our friend Andrey Stolyarov, that was titled ‘Alterity,’” Allison recalled. “The title intrigued me, and as we researched it, we fell in love with the concept and realized it perfectly described our aspirations in music. We strive to abandon ego and let the music speak for itself.” 

Duo Alterity can be seen and heard out and about in the local music scene. 

“We perform as often as we are able to, considering both of our incredibly busy schedules,” Allison said. “We are passionate about performing works of living composers and are especially drawn to music that tells a story. Our concerts feature newly composed works alongside beloved standards.” 

The visit by Duo Alterity is made possible through the Joseph Stookins Guest Lecture Fund.


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