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Hamlet Haunts NEO Stage

A Loomis Chaffee student production of the tragedy of Hamlet unfolded on the stage of the newly renovated Norris Ely Orchard Theater November 2–5 in front of full-house audiences.

A cast and crew of 27 students produced the show, directed by performing arts faculty member David McCamish and supported by a team of other theater professionals.

Set in the disquieting environs of a fog-shrouded castle in Denmark, the play tells the story of a royal family and their courtiers caught up in a mounting tragedy of their own making.

The production was an adaptation of the Quarto I edition of Shakespeare's Hamlet. The play has several variants, all credited to Shakespeare and published at different times during the early 1600s. The Quarto 1 edition is "the most radically different and concise" of the variants, David noted in the show's playbill.

Senior Jade Silverstein played Hamlet, the charming and tormented prince who seeks revenge for his father's murder. Senior Arthur Beaugeard portrayed Hamlet's uncle, Claudius, the murderous usurper to the throne, and senior Nandini Ramanathan played Queen Gertrude, Hamlet's mother and Claudius's new wife.

Ophelia, Hamlet's love interest who descends into madness, was portrayed hauntingly by junior Lauren Sonnenfeld, and sophomore Iris Sande played Hamlet's devoted friend Horatio. The full student cast and crew are listed below.

See a gallery of photos from the show.

Freshman Sonia Barinskaya
Senior Arthur Beaugeard
Senior Quinn Bernardin
Junior Brigham Cooper
Junior Nana Achiaa Donkor
Freshman Zane Habig
Junior Michael Hoffman
Senior Nathan Ko
Freshman Natalie Pereira
Sophomore Natalie Poole
Senior Nandini Ramanathan
Sophomore Syd Robinow
Sophomore Iris Sande
Senior Jade Silverstein
Junior Lauren Sonnenfeld
Junior Jonathan Sullivan
Freshman Evan Thomen

Stage Management:
Junior Sophia Li
Junior Cameron Rogers

Technical Crew:
Sophomore Boden Bubb
Sophomore Ellen Chen
Sophomore Toby Chen
Junior Lily Clark
Junior Zaylie Gore
Junior Audrey Hall
Senior Amelia Rinaldi
Sophomore Hannah Smith


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